Where is the best place to buy a LV lock?

  1. I just purchased a 2nd hand alma and I'd like to get a lock and key for it. I looked on Ebay, but I'm wondering where a good place to get a cheap, authentic lock might be?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If you have a good relationship with your SA, they give them away sometimes.
  3. they sell the lock at vuitton boutiques
  4. ^^ITA- SAs will sometimes give them to you, otherwise they're $25
  5. thanks for the info I didn't know you can buy a lock
  6. Just go to LV, and get it there.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I live in CT and there are not boutiques near. It amazes me that Connecticut is one of the richest states, and we don't have a LV.
  8. Lil, call up the boutique that you bought your Alma at and explain that you did not receive a lock & key set. I have done this before and I was shipped them for free.

  9. I got the Alma from ebay seller lvlady99.
  10. just go to the store. tell them you lost it.