Where is the Best Place for Manolos in Las Vegas?

  1. I want to buy a pair of Manolos in Las Vegas. I know there is a Manolo shop in the Wynn which I will visit, but what other shops stock Manolo and is there a price difference making it worth shopping around or not?
  2. Well I'm 99% sure that Neimans and Saks there carries Blahniks.
  3. last call sale at neiman's
  4. ^^ if you go by the Manolo at the Wynn...ask for Nadine, she has been really sweet helping me find louboutin shoes and MB shoes and sending me pics...
  5. I have a friend who goes to the MB store there every time she's in LV and says that they have a really fabulous selection, and that it rivals the selection at the 54th street store in NY. I'd make sure to check it out
  6. Thank you all. I am aiming to go to the Wynn first and I will check out the other shops you mentioned - I can't wait!!!
  7. I got some killer suede, sheepskin lined boots on sale at the Wynn - be sure and check it out! Have fun!
  8. If you go to Neimans ask For Christine A. SH'e sthe best and will send you pictures of all manolos before they are going on sale!


    get on her mailing list, she sends pics before they go on sale and ships tax free.

    Let her know Lacey sent you! She's fabulous!