Where is the acctually locations where lv is made?

  1. Allways wondered exactly wher my lv is made the datecodes have the 2 letter abreviations but i have no idea what they stand for lol fom mr made in France i have:TH, SP, RA Made is Spain: GA
  2. thanks that helped but, i was wanting to know for what exact towns/cities teh itnitals represented, i dont think many people know it so dont bother i know my stuff real cos i bought it from the shop lol
  3. the only one i know is SD for USA = san dimas, california. their factory is off the 57 and 210 freeways in southern california. it's probably about 30 min north of my house. never had the time to venture out there though. lol.
  4. these are the ones i know:
    AS = Asineres-sur-Seine
    SF = Sainte-Florence
    SD = Sainte-Donat
    SA = Sarras
    BA = Barcelona (or Barbera)
    MI = Mont-Saint-Michel
    FI = Fiesso d'Artico (shoes)
    IN = Indre

    please correct me if i got any of these wrong.