Where is stamp? And Kelly 28 Pics

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  1. Can someone please inform me where the stamp should be found on my Kelly 28? This is gris asphalt Epsom. It does not appear to be on the sangles or interior of the bag. It is from 2018, so it should be a C. Thank you for your assistance. I hope you enjoy the photos. The 28 is so small I cannot even imagine using a 25. I can post a family shot and size and color comparison photos when time permits. 90637239-4CA8-444B-8C55-344F742DB5FB.jpeg 0129F84F-1D16-4AC9-89BB-F2B773A25412.jpeg

    I have found that keeping the cloche double looped on the back prevents it from flopping back and forth when opening the bag, yet keeps all pieces together securely and will hopefully prevent stretching too.

    Have not yet removed plastic 26636ABA-2206-4BCD-BBA4-FF449A3D171D.jpeg

    No stamp here...

    Or here... 733ADE96-31A8-41DC-8D1C-3E96AC43D95E.jpeg

    Or here... CB234BCD-BB34-4CB3-9017-81DC126049A3.jpeg E038E382-9B4C-4245-96E9-C53ABE732918.jpeg 98B89031-510D-41D9-87B0-F8AA81C7F399.jpeg 9B523E31-AA70-4828-9C44-79E3E7F9ADE1.jpeg C19BA1BC-DBD8-4636-B057-2E1FC61AD47A.jpeg 393FFC03-5C3F-4F94-91C3-BA55A6112F1B.jpeg
  2. Should be here. 8AEB1901-D148-4D79-87E0-02B73B6F78FC.jpeg
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  3. It's best you take it into your SA, s/he will help you find it in a jiffy. Closing this thread now.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.