Where is small fry?

  1. I just saw another picture of Britney with her oldest DS Sean Preston taking him to the dance studio and I can't help but wonder....where the heck is her little baby and why hasnt he been seen? I wonder why no one has seen the baby. They said on a gossip blog that I read daily that he has been in hiding longer than Suri Cruise! What gives?? :confused1:
  2. Maybe she's waiting to sell the pics of him when she makes her comeback??
  3. I find that kinda odd too. Especially since she doesn't hide her oldest son from picture-taking. Maybe you're right gemski, she might be holding out for the highest bidder!
  4. Angelina Jolie probably kidnapped her. j/k.

  5. LOL :p
  6. I have heard lots of weird rumors that there is something wrong with the baby developmentally. Speculation is fine, but I hate the rumors that make it seem like the child is deformed or whatever. Still, they aren't as bad as the Suri Cruise rumors were...which I actually found to be quite entertaining. :lol: