Where is shiseido sold?

  1. I swear I've seen them in Macy's...can anyone confirm? Or is this regional? TIA! (No bloomingdales here)
  2. meier and frank, Nordstrom, sephora. that's where i've seen it (in oregon). you can also buy it online from those store's websites.

    macy's would make sense...but we don't have those here so i can't confirm that. :smile:
  3. thanks..anyone in socal that can confirm? ty!
  4. I am in socal. Macys and Nordstrom have it.
  5. Yes Macy's carry them for sure
  6. thanks! i couldn't find shiseido in their website! tyty
  7. I go online.
  8. for sure Macy's carries it.
  9. Most department stores carry Seishido: Heitchs, Macys, Bloomies.
  10. I don't think you can buy shiseido online, but I know Macy's and Sephora carry shiseido in the Bay Area.
  11. Also, if you have a large Japanese grocery store chain called 'Mitsuwa' in your area, they will carry it. Try J-town in L.A. But I know for a fact that Macy's carries it and I believe that Sephora now carries it on-line but it's very limited.
  12. I don't believe the line is carried much online. The largest selection would be at Nordy's or Macy's for SoCal department stores. Some Sephora stores also carry the line, but it's usually a smaller selection than the department stores.
  13. I went to their website a long time ago. So I could be wrong now. I didn't purchase anything- I just looked. Dillards used to carry it but I don't know if they still do.
  14. macys, bloomingdales. lord and taylor, sephora, and they also have boutiques too. i know they have several in NJ including their factory.