Where is Shimma Puff?

  1. She hasn't been here in a couple weeks!? That I can see? :confused1:
  2. :shrugs:
  3. shimma, we miss you, man!
  4. You are right!

    Lately, I have not had the pleasure of reading her comments. :sad:

    I hope you are enjoying the summer, Shimma! Tell us all about it when you have the time! :smile:
  5. yeah where is she?!?!?
  6. Oooo good point - she must've snuck off on holiday without telling us!
  7. Roo, I was just thinking the same the other day, where is the witty, insightful woman gone off to?

    Shimma, come back, LOL
  8. Come back, Shimma!!!! We neeeeeeed you!
  9. shimmmmaaaa....where are yoooooouuuu
  10. totally wondered about this as well in the last few days???

    hopefully nice Holidays!
  11. i was wondering the same thing...
  12. Hopefully, she's on vacation and will be back soon to entertain us with her inimitable style of writing.
  13. I thought about her too!
  14. Shimma!!
  15. I was wondering about her last night, too...I miss her wisdom and insight. I almost started a thread to ask about her myself.