Where is Scrubs?

  1. Is Scrubs not on anymore???? :confused1:
  2. It is...I think it starts tomorrow??? Or maybe it's on Tuesdays now so that would be next week I think. I'm pretty sure it's coming back though. I hope so!
  3. the new season starts in january :sad:
  4. I don't like how they are doing this whole 20 different shows all in the same time slot, but different season format.

    What ever happened to consistancy?
  5. Yes, the new season of "Scrubs" will be starting again in January as it did this year. *sigh* It's such a fantastic show, some of the best acting & writing on television, and yet NBC continually screws around with it. It's a shame they don't realize how great of a show it is.
  6. all the reruns are on Comedy Central.
  7. :yahoo:yay! can't wait till the end of november :heart: