Where is my listing?

  1. I created my listing yesterday afternoon for a Chloe bay bag and it has yet to show up! All of the other items I listed are there, except the Chloe.
    I am frustrated! Will I have to pay the insertion fee if it never goes on?

    I am new to eBay, but this just seems strange. Is it because they don't think it is authentic? The bag is a rare hobo version, but I have just seen that the US site has a fake version on sale saying it is real!!

    eBay is currently filled with terrible fakes of designer bags and it is a bit frustrating that they put a "hold" on my auction when the bag is obviously genuine!!

  2. For some reason, unknown to me, certain designers take up to 24 hours to show on eBay. There seems to be no reason for it and when you ask eBay about it they just feed some guff about site traffic

    It's unbelievably frustrating and it happens all the time to me

    It will show up eventually though
  3. i've had bbags take 24 hours to go on, it should show up later today
  4. There is a bit of a roundabout way to have your designer items 'seen' before they actually show up in a search. I use Auctiva, so there is a slideshow in all my listing of my other listings. So if I have a pair of shoes, say Via Spiga (no wait) listed, the designer item will show up in the slideshow of that listing, follow me? I always try to pair up a designer item with an itme that has to wait to clear verification.

    Hope that helps.