Where is my listing?

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  1. I listed a bag a few hours ago and it is still not showing up in a search. It's on my eBay, but nowhere else. This is only the 3rd item I've listed for sale, but I did nothing different with this one. I even used the same template. How long should it take for the listing to show? What should I do? Thanks.
  2. Soccer Mom- It can take several, several hours for a listing to show up.
  3. Thanks, I must have been lucky with my other ones because it really seemed like they were up in about 15 minutes. Well I hope it's up by tomorrow!
  4. In end of listing workflow, you should have an URL link direct for the item. If it shows, the item is ready to be sync across eBay's international web server pool and cache pages.... Skipping this geeky talk, you will just spare them an hour or half to see the item be appearing on search page.
  5. A designer bag can take as long as 18 hr to appear.
  6. Sometimes mine take half a day to appear. If it's not up by then, I would contact eBay.