Where is my damier speedy 30 date code?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I dont know if this is a stupid question or already posted but i cant find my date code on my damier speedy 30. i bought it from eluxury so i know it is real. i called them but they have no idea. HELPP!!
  2. Try looking under the interior pocket. It should be on the right tab under the pocket...
  3. Flip up the inside pocket and you'll see it heatstamped on one of the tab.:yes:
  4. OHHH DERFFF. Thanks guysss
  5. what is a date code? Is that like a serial number? (i have a damier speedy 30 as well)
  6. A date code is the location, month, and year it was produced. The 1st two letters are the factory location, the 1st and 3rd number is the month, and the 2nd and last number is the year.

  7. Thank you!! That's great information!!:yes:
  8. So what does DU 2068 on my Damier Speedy 30 mean?
  9. ^^^ i got confused too...

    SD 1048

    but im thinking it means san diego... 14th week... year 2008 ???
  10. btw does anyone know where is the datecode on epi speedies?
  11. the 26th week of 2008
  12. does the date code have to be on the right or left tab ? or can it be on either ?

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