1. No idea who made it, but I love it.
  2. I am almost 99% positive that it is Coach. You might want to post the picture in that subforum, or have it moved. I believe it's one of the hobos in an exotic skin from a few seasons back.
  3. Mandy seems to like Coach... she was the first celeb seen toting around that huge $800 something dollar legacy bag a year or so ago.

    It does look like a coach bag. The buckle on the strap screams coach.
  4. It actually looks like a coach style bag. I am sure it isnt since she probably only sports bags that are $1,000 + though.
  5. I agree that its probably Coach.
  6. I know that Mandy modeled for Coach in markets outside of the US...so, she does indeed carry Coach.
  7. Coach hardware for sure.