Where is Mamma Mia on the Lesportsac site? :(

  1. Ladies,

    I totally want a Mamma Mia bag! The shape is so cute. :smile: Unfortunately, there are none on the Lesportsac site and I'm seeing the Mamma Mia in the new prints on eBay. Are these mislabeled and they are really BVs?

    I am not that hip on the new prints out and really hope they re-release the Foresta...although, will they re-release the Mamma Mia style too? :\

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Sorry to tell you that but the newer MM are Hawaii/Guam exclusive only.
  3. sadly the MM style has been discontinued (except for in Hawaii and Guam((?))) :crybaby:
  4. the mamma mia style is available for the new prints but not in mainland usa or on the lesportsac site. those eBay sellers obtained their mamma mias from hawaii and guam.

    i dont know what styles foresta will be re-released in...
  5. aw no!!! i'm so afraid to buy on eBay with all the stories of fakes! :sad:
  6. Don't worry too much, we are all here to help. When you see a bag that you like on eBay, come on in here and post your find in this thread.
  7. Also, Hawaii/Guam retail is higher by about $30 on the Mamma Mia, so if you do purchase one by calling one of the Lesportsac Hawaii stores or off eBay, expect to pay around $155 + shipping.
  8. we have MM in Singapore ;) but its not cheap
  9. MMs in hawaii are 164. So expect that and 20 bucks (I heard they charged that much) shipping if you're in the USA.
  10. MMs are about USD170 here Singapore...definitely not cheap!