Where is Incoralblue?

  1. Have I missed him on the bal forum or has he not been around? Just curious, he always has great info.
  2. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I agree! Where are you ICB? :flowers:
  3. Me too! I've missed you and your great threads! :smile:
  4. i've been looking out for incoralblue to post pics of the new colors, maybe he's in hiding in Balenciaga waiting for the right moment to take pics for everyone on here. :ninja:
  5. I was thinking the same thing as Shasta! Where are you incoral? We miss you and your fantastic reports!
  6. Miss you ICB!!!!! Come back!!!!
  7. Yes! Where are yoouuuuu?
  8. I think he must be really busy in his "real life" ;) He did post briefly on the thread about the GH Messenger implying such!

    ICB, hope things calm down and you can get back to shallowly obsessing with us. ;)
  9. Ladies...you are all too sweet!!! Shasta, thanks for starting a thread...dedicated solely to ME! :tup:

    I have been quite busy, I am working on a blog/website and I really think it will be quite interesting so more details to come once it's up and running.

    I will try and go to New York within the next month and do a FULL report as usual....maybe even sooner.

    Again, thanks and I am definitely going to try and post more.
  10. ^^Hi ICB. I was going to say that we see you pop up in the "Authenticate This" forum on occasion to help us out there. I look forward to hearing about your new blog.
  11. ICB is so cool- he has his own thread!!! :graucho:

    he totally deserves it tho' - his knowledge of bbags is incredible and MISSED when he's not posting!!