where is FedEx man? Pics for camel lily will be posted as soon as he gets here

  1. I always get FedEx around noon.
    WHERE is he?
  2. I can't wait to see what you think of this bag! My black medium lily is sitting at the store waiting on me. I'm going to get it as soon as the kids are all home from school!!
  3. He knows you're waiting so he's going to every other delivery first ;)

    Can't wait to see pics!!!
  4. lots of pics, please! I LOVE the mini Lily in camel!!! :yes:
  5. Okay, he JUST got here. Plane was delayed so he had an awful day :sad: I felt bad for him, but she is HERE!!!

    Uploading pics now...
  6. woo-hoo!! can't wait!
  7. yay! :yahoo: Can't wait to see!!! :tup:
  8. lots of pics please, congrats
  9. please post modeling pics!!!! Oh, and a pic of the inside of the bag..pretty please!!!! TIA......:woohoo::yes:
  10. First by herself...
  11. Now with her sisters....
    close-up for difference in color
  12. Okay, inside and modeling next.
    Sorry ladies, she won't fit on my shoulder so it will only be a arm one.
  13. :drool::popcorn:....I am LOVING the camel! It is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!!! Your bags are beautiful!
  14. wow you must love that style! :tup:
  15. oh man...the waiting is horrible...lol...but she is stunning!