Where is everyone from? RACE?


Where do you live?

  1. USA/Canada

  2. Northeast Asia- Japan/Korea/Hongkong

  3. Southeast Asia- Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines/Taiwan etc

  4. Europe

  5. Australia/New Zealand

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  1. Hi just curious....what country do feloow LV collectors come from?

    Whats your race too?

    For a fact, HK gals are crazy for LV bags....;)

    Just doing a survey..coz am sooo curious!!!

    I live in Australia and Philippines and am Chinese.
  2. i'm Chinese, born in Malaysian :biggrin:
  3. I'm German and I live in Germany :jammin:
  4. Chinese born and raised in the OC.
  5. Why is Hong Kong under the Northeast Asian category and Taiwan in the Southeast category? In fact, Taiwan is more northeast than Hong Kong! And what about China? How about make a new category that combines China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan especially since they are all neither northeast nor southeast, but rather, central in that naming sense. :idea:

    Anyway, my blood is Vietnamese but I was born and raised in Canada. :shame:
  6. I was born and raised in the USA, but I consider myself Italian, or Italian American.
  7. born in china, lived in china for 5 years, and then moved here
  8. I'm filipina, born and raised in the Philippines,
    I now live in the US.
  9. Im Chinese born in uptown new york city ;P
  10. Im Swiss and French, born in France and now living in California.
  11. I'm from Canada. My Indigenous background is, First Nation of Canada, aka Native Canadian. I'm from the Gitxsan Nation (pronounced Git-san, the x is silent). The English translation of the Gitxsan is “People of the River of Mist”.

    I belong to the Wolf Clan (Traditional lineage system). I'm a wolf ;) .
    This is why I have a wolf in my signature! I do not live around my traditional territory of the Gitksan people. My parents raised us from a young age to live in the city. And it was for the best opportunities. And I'm glad to know where I'm from, and who I am. If anyone wants to know more about the clan system. Its a bit long to explain, I found a website that would exactly say "Who We Are" as the Gitksan Nation. :yes: I am sad I don't speak my language. Its a dying language. :crybaby: Gitxsan Chiefs: Who We Are - First Nations in BC
  12. Wow, such diverse LV collectors...keep it coming guys
  13. im from hong kong..and i'm a bit confused...hong kong is in southeast asia...please correct that!!!!
  14. I am ethnic Chinese, born in Thailand, and raised in the US since I was 2 years old.
  15. So sorry about the Hongkong/Taiwan thing and Northeast and Southeast Asia...

    I dunno how to edit the poll anymore since the edit button is gone already