WHERE IS everyone from? All around the world

  1. Im curious to know where everyone is from You dont have to name the city just the states. Will be so much fun to do!

  2. California.
  3. Oklahoma! :tup:
  4. *crawling through a corn field to answer this post...*

    NEBRASKA!!! (that is in the US, you see. Smack in the middle of the country.)

    In fact, David Letterman was in town today (for real!) One of the top ten reasons our local news said he was here was to see what no where looked like, and he thought he might be able to see it from here!!!!
  5. Another Okie here!
  6. California
  7. Quebec, Canada :p
  8. Born: Germany

    Lived most of my life in the USA since dad was in the Army, moved back to Germany in Apr. 2006
  9. Northern California valley-dweller here! Born and raised in this town, but still think the best think about it is it's close proximity to San Francisco.
  10. United Kingdom :yes:
  11. A local of Los Angeles, specifically, the valley.
  12. Uk
  13. i was born in Thailand, but spent most of my life in the midwest... attended college in Madison, Wisconsin and moved back to Minnesota after 4 yrs.
  14. Florida!
  15. Uk.