Where is date code on the Speedy?

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post! I am obsessed with LV lately. I want to know where the date code should be on a Speedy. I have read that it should be on the left leather tab under the pocket. However, I have seen some pretty authentic looking Speedys with the date code on the right leather tab. Does it change depending on whether it is a Speedy 25 or 30? I know the older Speedys have the date code on both tabs, but I am talking about the newer Speedys. Thank you for your help!
  2. Welcome to PF,
    What size speedy do you have??
  3. All of my speedies have date codes on the right tab (see pic):
    datecode2.jpg datecode1.jpg
  4. Sadly, I do not have a Speedy yet :sweatdrop:
    I am looking to get one, but on Ebay, that's why I am asking about the date stamp so I can make sure I get an authentic one :yes:

  5. Mine's on the right tab, I have a 30.