where is Achtung, balenciaga?

  1. Where in the world is Achtung, Balenciaga? Does it not exsist anymore? Am I blind? Did it get moved? Is it right in front of my face and I just can't see it because of all the stickys?
    WOW. things have changed. I am lost. :crybaby:
  2. Have you been away for a while? Achtung! was causing a lot of problems for the mods and was thusly removed (it hasn't died completely, we just can't see it) quite a while ago. If you search for Achtung you'll probably find the original thread.
  3. I have been broke for about 6 months and trying to stay away from this delicious forum. I sold my beautiful Rouge Vif first but I still have my black Purse(thank god)-

    so, I read that thread- thats kinda sad. I really liked Achtung!

    thanks for the quick responses. SOON- I WILL be able to afford Balenciaga again and I will be back with you girls!!
  4. Nice to have you back..looking forward to seeing your future purchases!!:graucho: