Where is a Gucci Outlet?

  1. I'm trying to find out where the Gucci outlet is, the SA mentioned that there is one in Las Vegas...do you girls know where it is?

    I really love a bag at gucci(but too expensive)...but they're going to send it back to the company after the sale tomorrow...I want to know where the outlet is so that if i change my mind, I can still go and search for it. Please tell me if you know! Thank you!
  2. There's one in Woodbury Commons, NY and another at Cabazon, Palm Springs in CA. There's probably more but those are the only ones that I've been to. I don't think there are any up near SF.
  3. the Premium Outlet in Desert Hills near Palm Springs has one
  4. Ya but they don't have any good stuff there everytime I go. :cry:
  5. Are there any in Florida? Or North Carolina?
  6. if you live in new jersey, there's one in secaucus.
  7. those are the two I know about...desert hills and ny, but the SA said there's one in Vegas...got my hopes up since i'll be heading there the end of this month. Maybe the SA was dreaming it up...that sucks...
  8. Ohh maybe the website needs to be updated. Don't lose hope just yet, you should ask your SA where it is in Vegas. Have fun in Vegas!!
  9. I live close to the one in Woodbury Commons, but they really don't have much. I bought an all brown monogram (the material isn't canvas, it's thinner) a couple of months ago and I realized that the gucci leather tab inside has initials which means it came from an outlet. I don't know if they do that to all their bags. It's a cute bag though, it's light as air.
  10. Hi. I am resurrecting this post because I am curious if there is a Gucci outlet in Vegas. Did anyone ever find it? We are going next week to Vegas!!
  11. I went to the outlet mall right outside of Vegas, where the NM outlet is, but didn't see one for Gucci. I was disappointed. Maybe there's an outlet mall that I missed...
  12. No, the outlet mall you are thinking of that would most likely have the GUCCI outlet near Vegas is actually in Primm, NV and they do not have a GUCCI outlet. Last time I was there they had a Tod's outlet though....I am pretty sure there you are just going to find the GUCCI store (non-outlet) in Vegas.
  13. does anyone know how the gucci outlet is in New Jersey is it any good? or how about the one in Woodbury Commons? I dont want to drive all the way there to be dissapointed.
  14. There is a Gucci at Prime Outlet which is located in Queenstown MD