Where is a good place to buy Rolex watches??

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  1. Sorry, I don't know of any online places that sell Rolexes.

    Whereabouts do you live in Canada? There's a Rolex store in Edmonton, but I don't know where else.
  2. I sell pre-owned or mint condition Rolex watches and I know there are quite a few dealers that I sell to, that sell on ebay. I'll try to get some of their screen names if you like.
  3. i ordered from there before. a Technomarine watch tho. Its not super high end but it was authentic.

    im planning on ordering a Michele watch from them in the near future. Its about $200 cheaper than retail.
  4. Rolex does not have an authorized dealer online....to receive the warranty you will have to buy it from and authorized dealer. I would not mess around buying online....to many fakes.
  5. Where in Canada are you? I was checking out Rolex watches in the Montecristo store and they have a very good selection. There are three stores in the Vancouver area, I'm told they are the largest Rolex retailer in Canada so there should be some elsewhere too.

  6. I have a dealer that sell Rolex and Tag Heuer in canada that I completely trust. prices are good too. Are you looking for male or female collections.
  7. A great online seller of pre-owned Rolex's is xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hope you find a great one.

    we do not allow adverising here!
  8. Can anyone tell me the Ebay ID's of reptuable Rolex sellers?
  9. I don't know about online, but Ben Bridge Jewelers sells Rolex watches. Dunno if they're in Canada.
  10. Hello,

    I Kristiaan Martenstyn, a very newbie here. In my point of view the best places are either a few duty free ports where competition is tough in the Caribbean or certain high VAT places like Norway where after you get the VAT back they are much cheaper.

    Many thanks for advance
    Kristiaan Martenstyn
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  12. You can find an authorized dealer in Canada from the Rolex site.
  13. This is such an old thread!!
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