Tech Where is a good place to buy an iphone 4s?

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  1. I don't want to buy it thru my carrier, Verizon, because then if I did I wouldn't get to keep my unlimited data lol. So therefore I'm looking to pay "full price"...just wanted to know where I should start looking? I've gotten a phone off of ebay before and it ended up being messed up :sad: unless it's a seller you have dealt with before, let me know!
  2. When you go to Verizon to have them activate it, won't they make you change your data plan?
  3. Nope. Cause I wouldn't be renewing my contract by using their upgrade.
  4. ebay, craigslist. just make sure it has a clean ESN and is working. buy new if you're worried about it working.
  5. I was in the same boat so I added a line. Well, we added a line when my husband neede a new phone, so I upgraded that line with an iPhone 5 and switched it to my number.

  6. You know what that is a good idea...only I wouldn't have to add a line. We have my grandma on our plan and she doesn't need a upgrade....but how would that work...i wouldn't have to purchase a smartphone plan on it?
  7. You would upgrade your grandmas line. Then switch the phone to your line, then you are technically providing your own equipment which doesn't renew your contract. This would renew your grandmas line and then just have her deactivate her phone since the iPhone would be active on her line temporarily.
  8. *reactivate not deactivate lol
  9. Worlds like a charm, I've done it more than once! It's called an alternate upgrade. Good luck!
  10. I just did this today with my AT&T account so that I could buy an iPhone 5, which I did today, as well. :happydance:
  11. It's a good way to do it! Plus I needed another line to upgrade so I don't lose my unlimited data plan.