Where in your cycle would you take a pregnancy test?

  1. I severely doubt I'm pregnant but since I've been having breast issues and not feeling well I'd like to test to make sure. My last period was Sept 13th so I should be getting it again Oct 12-13 (usually am like clockwork). As I had my period on the 13th, then I ovulated somewhere around the 26th I guess. When should I take the test to get an accurate result and is one test better than another?

    Thanks for thoughts! I'm terrible at trying to figure this out and want to make sure I don't waste the tests.
  2. I think the EPT test can tell you 5 days before you're missed period. So if you should be starting on the 12th, then maybe try taking it on the 7th and see what it says?
  3. will do thanks so much for answering my post!!! Sunday it is :smile: