Where in your Coach do you keep coupons?

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  1. im wanting to start using coupons again, hearing how much my friend saves with them, i could have gotten a new bag!! but i dunno where to store them, id love to hear how you store them! :jrs:
  2. i have a coin pure i put them in
  3. I don't have a big stash of them so I keep the ones I have in my wallet.(large zip around) If I did have a lot I would probably put them in a wristlet.
  4. what kind of coin purse? like a little zip pouch??
  5. see i was thinking i should just stick with a larger wallet, and keep them in there...but i was an auction away from getting a medium madison wallet....whew
  6. Wristlets...Keep a wristlet in each purse for coupons and receipt. I always know where my receipts are.
  7. dang blah how do you fit coupons in that little thing? lol

    hmmm wristlet or zip around wallet.......
  8. lol well i put my "fashion" coupons in there. my other coupons like for grocerys, go in a lil drawer at home. when i am about to go out, i put them in a wristlet and go out.
  9. I have a large, slim, coach jeweled-leather zip cosmetic bag that I use for coupons, receipts and misc papers.
  10. I use an organizer and keep them in one of the pockets
  11. i was even thinking one of the kisslock wristlets, but i feel they are a little more bulky than a capacity wristlet....

    then if i kept them in a wristlet, i could still get a smaller wallet, and keep the checkbook in the wristlet like toby suggested....

    so far sounds like no one uses the little coupon accrodian things??
  12. Here's a pic of my stuff inside one of my bags showing the large slim violet jeweled cosmetic case that I use for coupons. It works well with various sized coupons (like the big ones from bed, bath and beyond!) and miscellaneous papers and it makes it easy to switch bags. I was at the outlet tonight and they have some new MFF jeweled leather slim cosmetic bags.

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  13. I keep it in the coin pouch on the back of my wallet and use a coin purse. Actually, I store coupons and points cards in there too, like PetSmart lol!