Where in USA?

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  1. Hi all.

    Married couple intending to visit USA mainland for a week only, where would you suggest is the best place to be?

  2. depends on what they, you?, like?
    Very busy cities or relaxing and beautiful geographically?
  3. shopping, beach, sceneries, food...everything! LOL!!
  4. Depending on what time of the year you're coming, I would say anywhere on the east or west coast would fulfill those needs. If you're coming in/around Dec. then you'll probably want to head to southern parts of the country.
  5. If coming from Asia, definitely LA. If coming from Europe, NYC.. U can always branch out from there, Vegas, Miami, Chicago, if u don't mind taking extra flights.
  6. When are you planning to travel? Time of year is paramount!
  7. I'd recommend cities like Vegas, LA, Boston, Miami, and NYC. Definitely depends on the time of year though.
  8. I'd suggest 2 cities:

    NYC for Food, Shopping & Sights - 4 days
    Las Vegas to shop, catch a show and gamble a bit - 3 days

    LA - good if you want to drive and/or if you have kids to take them to Disneyland
    Chicago - if you like cool architecture. Don't go in the winter - too cold.
    SF - If you like bridges and good food. OK to visit all year round. Otherwise, not much else to do (disclaimer I live here now)
    Miami - go during the summer for the beaches. Its too cold to swim during the winter.
  9. OP, I agree - it depends upon when you're traveling, also what you are looking for. Is there something specific you'd like to see, or any activities you're interested in (shopping, historical sightseeing, amazing landscapes, etc.) or just nice places in the USA? We have lots to offer for all things but could tailor suggestions better if we knew what you hoped for :flowers:
  10. That's a long flight. To maximize your time, spend it on/near the West coast in California. I prefer northern California but there is lots to see and do in soCal. also if you would like to see Las Vegas (so many foreign visitors seem to want to visit Las vegas) it would be a short flight).
  11. My husband and I just returned from New Orleans, one of our favorite cities in the USA - second to Edinburgh for favorite cities in the world. It is a "don't-miss".
  12. Scenery, beach, shopping and food? I would skip the US and go straight to Mexico! :smile:
  13. The Grand Canyon would be cool to see.
  14. Miami ..never been... but I believe it has everything on your list :smile:
  15. IMO, the Grand Canyon is a *bucket list* destination. Everyone should go at least once in their lives--it's breathtaking. The staff there told me that visitors from outside the US seem to appreciate it more than we Americans do--what a shame because it's fantastic.

    It would eat a chunk out of only a week in the US though for a couple from a long distance away.
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