Where in the world????

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  1. I searched and couldn't find a thread like this so if there is one I apologize.

    So many of us are realizing that we are close ot other members and I thought it might be cool to know where everyone is from. I know that some people worry about privacy but maybe we could at least list our state or country??? Not everyone puts there location in their avatar so it makes it hard to know where people are from. :biggrin:
  2. I'm from the western part of NY! Buffalo/Niagara region.
  3. Sota
  4. Representing Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :party:
  5. Philadelphia, PA
  6. Rochester, NY :smile:
  7. Boston Massachusetts...
  8. Ivy-
    Mmmmm. I could totally go for a cheese steak now! LOL
  9. Im from Joliet, IL. Prison city. LOL.

    A little side note, that Johnny Depp new Dillinger movie was mostly filmed in Chicago area. My Sister was an extra in that movie. Her lil part made it into the movie too. About 2 hrs in, there is a lone figure walking down the street she said and that is her. Kind of neat.
  10. I am from Bronx ny but currently live in Bridgeport ct..
  11. Do you go to Waterloo or Niagara falls????
  12. Cedar Park, TX... practically Austin :smile:
  13. Mb
  14. In an unfashionable Canadian town
  15. Is Carmen sandiago?! Lol you know the Song??
    I'm from Indiana!!