Where in the world....

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  2. Vlad and I are fortunate to have a large platform with an amazing community of handbag loving people who join us daily from across the globe. We want to be a part of the fix to end systematic racism, both conscious and unconscious. We are taking steps, both personally and professionally, to be better allies for the Black community. You can read more of my thoughts on PurseBlog and discover a great roundup of Black-owned handbag brands as well.

    As our forums are shopping-focused, read about the 15 Percent Pledge and consider signing the petition to call on major retailers to pledge 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses. Please reach out to me directly if there is something you feel I could do differently on our forums to be a better ally and make this forum a welcoming community for all.

    If you want to deepen your anti-racism work, here is a comprehensive document with resources on books for kids, podcasts, articles, videos and more.
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  1. Can I find __________???? Fill in the blank!!! What are you searching for???:search::search::search:

    So~ where in the world can I find a damask striped courier??? You know~ the black and white striped big bag??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  2. Where in the world I can find an eggplant city or twiggy????
  3. where in the world can I find a GH Sandstone Day so my friend Nanaz can buy it?!!
  4. ....can I find pictures of all the colours and styles for Fall 07, so that I can decide if or what I want. :graucho:

    Not quite what you were after, but its what I want right now so I can make a decision.

    Lots of tpfer's seem to know what they want and have subsequently ordered or put their names on waitlists. I can't decide without seeing them and so have my name down for nothing. :crybaby: Feeling a bit left out. :crybaby:
  5. Where in the world can I find a Vert gazon day bag.

  6. Haha. I'm starting to feel guilty!
  7. Hey Zac- Thanks for starting this thread. I have one: Where in the world can I find a blueberry makeup bag to go with my wallet?
  8. TURQUOISE 05 WORK!!!!!
  9. Where oh where can I find a personal shopper to show me all the colors and styles for Fall 07 with the actual bags!!! Don't feel bad, if my shopper materializes, I will pm you! :yes:
  10. This bag is very cool! Good luck on your search!
  11. Awww, you are so sweet Donna.:heart: You have been my best friend and thanks for all your support.:tender::kiss: I have no doubts that i will find it some day girlfriend.:yes::heart:
  12. where in the world can I find an 03 emerald first?
  13. Where in the world I can find Rouge Theatre Day!!!!
  14. .... a french blue GH hobo. Why did I learn so late that the GH Hobo is the perfect style for me?
  15. A sandstone brief with GH.

    An 04 true red city.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.