Where in the world.........

  1. Where in the world are the best Emeralds found?

    What should I be looking for and asking the jewellers?

    Thanks everyone. :idea:
  2. I've read and heard jewelers rave about Colombian emeralds but i'm not sure if those are the best ones in the world or not.:shrugs:

    LOL! :p When I read your title I thought about this

  3. hahhaha those posters are cool! I've never seen them before. My personal email address is very similar to those posters too, I chose my email address because I have been to more than 40 countries in 7 years, how wierd are the coincidences here???!!!

    Thanks too for the tip about the Emeralds, I would love one, about a 8 carats, Asscher cut on a trellis setting and 1 carat diamonds on ether side as an engagement ring.
  4. Hey chanel,
    I do not know where to find the best emeralds but I did have some info for you. I think an emerald as an engagement ring would be beautiful but you need to be very careful with emeralds. A true emerald is very delicate and can be damaged easily so one must be careful if they tend to be hard on their jewelry or wear it everyday
  5. Fascinating. How do you know its a real Emerald?
  6. I think Colombian emeralds are among, if not, the best.
  7. If you look at a natural emerald under a loupe, it looks like a garden.

    I also echo the sentiments of Fleur de Lis in saying that Emeralds are very fragile and you might want to think twice about having one as your engagement ring. You can't clean it like a diamond, and they are known to fracture.

    But damn they are pretty!!

    And you're talking about a big stone. I have a big stone for my e-ring and I bang it often, even though I'm careful and used to it. It's in a well made platinum setting and insured, so it's protected.

    You might consider putting a beauty like that into a pendant or killer necklace instead. OR reversing the look and getting a big white (or yellow!) diamond and then pretty emeralds on the side!
  8. i thought i saw somewhere on a documentary that emerlads (semiprecious stones) are usually the best in asia .... when i went to thailand, there were HUGE gorgeous emeralds and rubies everywhere in the store. i almost caved and bought stuff. if you go to asia, it's supposedly the "best deal" according to the travel show i watched.