Where in the world is the Baby Cabas available?

  1. Hi,

    I just called the only Chanel store in Singapore to enquire about the Baby Cabas in Black or Navy Blue (A33986 Y04154) however the SA tells me the waitlist for the August shipment is so long that I shldnt keep my hopes too high.

    So I'm wondering if you girls out there can tell me in which city/country are there available Baby Cabas? Or perhaps where there is a decent chance on the waitlist? Pls pls let me know!! BTW the price in Singapore is SGD3350, is it cheaper where you are?

  2. I know Honolulu doesn't have last time I checked.

    Try eBay?
  3. Hey Missisa,

    Many thanks for your reply! I have send a personal note to ask abt the SA's email instead as it is inconvenient for me to call US.

    I really hope I can get my hands on a new one coz I'm pretty wary abt the bags on eBay :s
  4. ^I totally understand why eBay can be a sketchy place to drop that much money on a bag. There are legit sellers, but if you post in the "Authenticate This" Chanel thread, the experts here can tell you from their best judgment if an item is fake or not.

    I hope you can get in touch with that SA and find the cabas you want!

    Good luck.
  5. just saw a baby cabas at a chanel boutique in paris at the avenue montaigne store this past weekend. call them up! it was 1325 euros.
  6. Thanks I just called the store but no one picked up the call! Does anyone have the email of a SA in Paris who is helpful:shame:?
  7. baggyshorts check out the thread about SAs who deserves our business. I believe there is mention of SAs in Paris who are helpful. There is also information about SAs who will work via email.

    Good luck!!

    ps. i just went to the Chanel in Singapore. The shelves are literally BARE! No luck getting anything there! :sad:
  8. hey girls!
    Thanks for all your help!! I finally found an available Cabas in Paris!! I got the name of a v helpful SA and called him out yesterday..so he is keeping the last one for me till next weekend when my friend makes a trip there!! I'm so happy I cld fly!! BTW does anyone know what tax is like over there? He told me the price was 1350 euros but that is before tax right?
  9. ^ 1350€ is for the small baby cabas, 1450€ for the large. The tax is included in France.
  10. wow! when u take out the 12% VAT that's a great price!!!!
  11. Mediana, are there two sizes? I thought there was only one size of the one with the quilted bottom- just like the one on Missisa's photo?
  12. Thansk Jeshika :yahoo:!!
    I read the earlier post about the bag lulunewyork spotted at Ave Montaigne and knew I had to find an SA in Paris asap!
    Now, I hope he doesnt release it earlier than next weekend *paranoid*
  13. I'm sure he won't! don't worry!!!! i'm sure u will love that bag!!! i have it in black and it holds pretty much anything. perfect for school/work/shopping etc!!! remember to post pictures when u get it! :p