Where in the World is Louis Vuitton?

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  1. Louis Vuitton was made to travel ! - Post your pic here of you and your LV in a world famous locale :smile: .. after starting a previous thread with this pic of me and my LV Pouchette Cancun in the Galapagos Islands thought I'd start this one to challenge you all to place your past or future vacation or biz trip pics of you in some cool places with an LV piece .. here I am by an Iguana breeding ground on Santiago Island in the Galapagos last week while traveling on Celebrity's Xpedition .. It conveniently carries my Canon Elf Camera and cruise card along :smile: the Iguanas were impressed I brought my stylin' LV to the Islands with me -

  2. Nothing overseas but here's what I have:

    Florida, MC Trouville with MIL

    La Jolla, Recoleta


    Palm Spring, Hudson PM


    Sequioa, Recoleta

  3. Just a suggestion but do you think this thread should be moved to make it permanent otherwise its going to get lost?

  4. OMG BnB:nuts:!!!! You are so Gorgeous! Your bags Look so hot on you!!

    scenery is beautiful too! Great pics!! Your Trouville looks amazing on you!!:drool:
  5. 1 Brighton, UK, olav PM

    2 London, Tower, UK, olav PM

    3 Paris, Saint-Germain, Cafe Flore, Karakhoram Scarf, ugly smile, sorry;)

    4 Rome, Colosseum, LV paper bag:Push: , damier cles inside

    5 Paris,LV Champs Elysees Store:graucho: Icones, strap from Olav:Push:
    olav1.JPG olav12.JPG par.JPG rome.JPG lv.JPG
  6. 1 Warsaw, detail of keepal 60 in front of Culture and Science Palace:Push:
  7. Good Idea!:idea:

  8. Thank you, you are very sweet.

    Moko..you are a cutie!!
  9. Hey bagsnbags, are you Filipino?

    I love your Hudson PM--I never really gave that model a second glance--and the white MC is so cute on you! Your MIL looks fairly young, how old is your DH?
  10. Beautiful pics, everyone!!
  11. Thank You:shame:

    You are looking great with trouville!:yes:
  12. Lol..not very interesting compared to some of the places but..

    1-My mom and I at Universal Studios..I have the Cerises Speedy and my mom has the black MC Speedy.
    2-Old Town here in San Diego..I have the Perfo Musette and my mom has the Vive Cite GM.
    3-California Adventure park..I have the Damier Speedy 30.
    4-Seaport Village here in SD...I have the Framboise Houston.
    5-Universal Studios again..I have the Batignolles Horizontal w/the Jack & Lucie keychain on it.
    144609572_l.jpg 842774836_l.jpg 1137476525_l.jpg 1275236757_l.jpg 1431440869_l.jpg

  13. LOL..

    No..I am Indo not Filipino

    My DH is only 35...:Push:
  14. City Place! Haha, I live right down the street from there. :biggrin:

    Everyone looks FAAABULOUS!

    Here I am at the Hoover Dam with my Thompson St.

    And again at the Wynn

    Christie GM in NYC
  15. LV to travel? You are kidding?! Only when you have slaves to carry the luggage!!! :roflmfao: And I mean luggage, because with that lipstickholder you will not travel very far in most countries...