Where in The World Is Kevin Federline ?

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    While Britney Spears continues to spin out of control, everyone has been wondering: Where is Brit's estranged hubby Kevin Federline?

    Well, the wannabe rapper is reportedly quietly biding his time and lying low as the pop tart inexorably tailspins to the ground and out of the custody battle over their two kids.

    K-Fed, who was in Los Angeles over the weekend, maintained a discrete silence as Britney first ran shears through her hair and turned bald on Friday and then resumed her partying wearing a cheap platinum blonde on Sunday.

    "He is just waiting for her to get worse," a Federline friend tells the New York Daily News. "She is only hurting herself right now."

    Brit's family, meanwhile, fearful that she may lose custody of her children to Kevin, is trying its best to protect the plummeting star and her $100 million+ wealth. (As you may recall, K-Fed filed for custody as an attempt for a bigger divorce cashout.)

    Finally, rumours are swirling that Britney may consider drawing up papers to make her mother Lynne a legal custodian of the boys, making it harder for Kevin to take them away in the immediate future
  2. wow.
  3. Britney seemed like a good mother until recently. Sure, she made mistakes with car seat placement, etc. But she was WITH her kids, caring for them HERSELF. I do not understand how she could go from that person to the person she seems to be right now. As a mother, I know that my heart and soul are wrapped up in my child and absolutely nothing could change that. Clearly, Britney has had a nervous breakdown, possibly suffering mental illness brought on by postpartum depression.

    At this point I truly feel sorry for her, she needs counseling and maybe medication to deal with the fact that she never had a childhood and has been working her ass off her entire life. Having two babies one after another like she did takes a tremendous toll on your health, hormones and emotions. This whole thing is just SAD.
  4. its all very strange..

    i too was wondering where Kevin was
  5. I cant imagine the kids being much better of with Britney's Mom.:s
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  7. I was thinking the same thing. What judge would think that the person responsible for raising Britney would be the best suitable caregiver?
  8. When will it be ever be about the well being of the children ?

    My opinion is, as far as Kevin goes..... its all about the money and not the children.
  9. Agree Prada...Kevin wants $$$$ and is waiting for his cash cow to come home.
  10. why cant Britney just pull her ass together and none of this would even be brought up.
  11. Realistically, he is being the smart one right now. The best thing he can do is shut up and watch from a safe distance while she self-destructs.

    While I agree that she may be suffering from PPD and other effects from childhood, she KNOWS the custody battle is looming. I've seen people in the throes of depression get help only when their children are on the line - it is then that they will finally seek treatment. Brittney doesn't seem to care.

    While I feel for her and whatever she is suffering through, the time comes when you have to grow up and be a parent. If she loses custody, it will be because she forfeited it. I feel more sorry for those children, who seem to have already lost a mother. Anyone that disturbed, drunk or hungover is unable to be fully present for their children.

  12. Agreed!
  13. It's probably about the money with Kevin and Britney's kids, but his ex-girlfriend and mother of his other kids says he's a wonderful father.:shrugs:
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