Where in the world is Hermes?

  1. Please post pics of you in front of Hermes boutiques, from anywhere around the world.

    I'll start...

    tPfr: Rally (hope this is ok I pilfered her pic from another thread)
    Where: St. Tropez
    Hermes_St Tropez.jpg
  2. Me, holding Princess B (from the Scarf Thread!) in front of SF "H".


    The window display that was up back then! It was MONTHS ago!
  3. Outside the mothership, 24 Fauboug St Honoré, Paris

    This was June 2004, I have a white Hermès sales bag in one hand - containing my beloved Massai and an orange bag in the other, a couple of small goodies from the main store. I didn't own an Hermes bag until then, hence the Mulberry bag I was wearing, since sold on eBay to fund my H habit, lol. Am wearing a twilly, though.

  4. [​IMG]

    Outside Hermès in Cannes, South of France. In that bag is a sweet little Isthme horn pendant. Sorry about the non-H bag, was on holiday and didn't have a suitable H bag at that point. Am wearing an H bangle.
  5. ^^^ Your bag *is* orange :biggrin: and NEVER any apologies needed AAN - always stunning, always chic! Love your pics, esp. with your DD!

    Great thread! I feel like jumping on a plane with my camera immediately and flying to the most exotic Hermes I can find.

    Can we post pics of storefronts solely, with no members in the pics? The forum has a bunch of those...
  6. Great idea for a thread, Plain_Jane_Too! :flowers:
  7. This is in Singapore, one of the three stores, taken from the princessB thread :flowers:

  8. I adore these pictures since I have never seen an H boutique live (yet), thank you for posting!
  9. I remember the first time I went into an H boutique in Chicago...the first item I saw was a Fuschia 30cm Birkin!!!!! The Sa's were so nice and ready to help it was a wonderful experience!
  10. Chicago Hermes
    My dd outside:
  11. Okay, now Japster's pic has EVERYTHING necessary for a total winner: adorable kid, cute dog, irresistible little orange bag in the foreground, all perfectly triangulated. Def. 2 thumbs up on that one.
  12. Japster, she is SO cute!! I love her pigtails :p
  13. Japster: Your daughter is so cute. What a precious picture.

  14. AND they are in front of Hermes, gga! Does it get any better??? Adorable!

    p.s. missed ya, gga!!
  15. miss you too, babe!