Where in The World Have You Been ??

  1. Well - I live in Massachusetts and in the US I've been to NH, VT, ME, CT, RI, NY, NJ, Washington DC, FL, CA, AZ, NV, NM, MO. I've also driven cross country MA to CA and from MA to FL a couple times so I've passed through many states.

    Outside of the US I've been to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Spain, England.

    Going to Montreal this summer and French Riviera/Italy 1 year from now.
  2. I would love to Visit the Dominican Republic :love:
  3. Born in Washington state, NJ and now CA.

    Visited Illinois, Idaho (first son was conceived there...my potato spud :lol: ) , Wisconsin, Hawaii (Kauai, Maui and Oahu), New York, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.

    As far as out of the country, I have only been to Mexico~Cancun, Puerta Vallarta, Guaymas and Tiajuana.
  4. Hmmm. I've lived in CA, Oregon, MA, and FL. I've been to Nebraska, New Hampshire, Vermont, CT, RI, and the only place outside of the US I've been to is Canada:shame:

    I would REALLY love to visit....

    London, Paris, Japan, Hawaii, and Italy. :smile:
  5. I'm from the dallas area, i have lived their my whole life.
    In the US ive visited New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Washington, Pennsylvania, Utah, Iowa, Floridia, Georiga,California, New York, Ohio, New Hampshire, Arizona, Arkansas., Hawaii
    Out of the Country I've been to Paris, Honduras, Panama, Costarica, Mexico, Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands
    My favorite places were Costarica, San Fransico, Boston, Honduras, and Panama....Paris I guess was fun too.
  6. hi, I've been to Italy, Greece, Turkey,Hungary. I'm from Romania( somewhere in Europe:smile: ) and I moved to the US 10 months ago ,I live in detroit , I've been to IL, NY and I hope to move to CA( so sunny and nice there)
  7. I'm from NYC. Been to Orlando for spring break and stopped over in Cali.

    Outside US: I go to Shanghai once or twice a year. Now studying in London and have been to Milan.
  8. I'm from the U.S. I've always lived in Michigan
    I've been to:
    Costa Rica
    Grand Cayman Island
    Czech Republic
  9. Born and raised in Vancouver. Have visited Toronto, Ottawa, NYC, Seoul (on layover), Hong Kong (three times) and Guangzhou (twice).
  10. Have lived in Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston), now live in So. Cal. Travelling is my passion (well other than bags). I have travelled in Europe (England, France, The Netherlands,Germany, Italy,Austria,Czech Republic, Belgium,Hungary), Asia (China,Japan,India), Costa Rica,Tahiti, Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), and of course the US (Hawaii, Florida, NY, Boston,Chicago,Texas, New Orleans, Memphis, all over California, Seattle, Arizona,New Mexico,Oklahoma,Arkansas). Would love to visit S. America, Australia, the Carribeans, Africa, and more Europe. So many places and so many bags, so little time and money. :nuts:
  11. I am from San Jose, California, US but currently living in Los Angeles, CA.
    I've been to:
  12. anywhere in the caribbean...I've been (Family/Friends)
    :love: love my caribbean!

    in the states

    New York
    Washing D.c.
    All the states going to Washington D.c.
    Missiouri (all the states going to missiouri)
    (Some other states, I just can't think of right now...)


    Probably some more...but ohhwell
  13. Out
  14. Out of the Country:

    Paris, Spain (mainly Madrid), and Heidelburg, Germany

    In the Country:

    Florida (I went to school there for a little bit), Mass., VA, DC, MD (Of course), PA, DE, NY, NJ, CT, OH, CA, TN, NC, SC...That's it.
  15. Lived: Brussels/Antwerp, Belgium; London, UK; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Hongkong, Canada

    Been to:
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Different cities, China
    Safari and Zanzibar, Tanzania
    Dubai, UAE
    Cancu, Mexico
    Vienna, Austria
    Zurich, Switzerland
    Different places in Spain
    Florence, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Italy
    Different islands, Greece
    Tokyo, Japan
    Prague, Czech Rep.
    Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Germany
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Dublin, Ireland
    Different cities in UK
    Texas, Boston, NYC, US
    Banff, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Canada
    Different cities in the Netherlands
    Different cities in Belgium
    Paris and other places in France

    There are so many places I want to go to, not so easy now that I am married. And I really want to go to South Africa next to see my friend and then Latin America.