Travel Where in The World Have You Been ??

Jan 23, 2006
I am from England and now live in the U.S.
I have lived in Marbella (Spain ) Florida and Califorinia.
I have visited,France, India,Jamaica and Italy

I would love to visit Thailand, Japan ,New Zealand and Egypt.

How about you ?Where in the world have you been.?
I'm from Montreal, lived in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Drumheller

In the US I've lived in Houston, Seattle (Bellevue) Midland, TX and Lafayette, LA

Traveling - mostly by cruise ship or train - all over the US, across the Atlantic, around the Horn of South America, Hawaii, Alaska, through the Panama Canal.

I'd love to go to Tahiti and Galapagos - next trip should be to the Galapagos then next year a cruise from Tahiti :smile:

Favourite places I've been: Montreal - my glorious hometown, and Chile, Hawaii - I'd like to see more of Italy, mostly been in the south.

One day I hope Antarctica :smile:
Born and raised in Missouri. I lived briefly in Glendale, Arizona. While we lived there I travelled to Mexico. I've visited...Orlando & St Peterburg Florida, several places in New Mexico, Arkansas, Iowa, Tennessee, Illinois, & Texas.
I'm from the states - Oklahoma originally.
I've lived in OK, CA, TX and TN
been to NV, AZ, WA, UT, FL, LA, NC, NY, NJ, MO, AR & AL in the continental US.
I've been to St. Lucia, San Juan, Italy, Canada and Hawaii.
I am from the suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa
Been to San Francisco ( and plan to live there at some point) , Canada (love the Burberry outlet at the Niagra Falls outlets), New
York, New Jersey (mmmm short hills mall!!) and Geneva, Switzerland ( Brother and sister in law were married there + her family and she are from there)
Wow, Vist, you've been everywhere. I'm form Germany lived 1 year in Costa Rica, 3 months in France. Moved from Aachen to Munich and visited Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Panama, Dominicanian Republic, England and Portland(Oregon) and 2 days Miami. I want to live in the U.K and see Japan and the U.S
I’m from the US Born in Texas I’ve lived in England, Florida and California, New Mexico, Las Vegas Nevada, and Virginia and Louisiana.

I’ve visited Canada, Japan (twice love it), Aruba, Mexico, Germany, and Alaska, Louisiana, now I’m in Washington State.

I'm been to France (my aunt lives there), England, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Taipei. Planning to go to Canada again over the summer and Japan & Vietnam for Christmas break. My parents drag me everywhere because my mom loves to travel.

In the US, I've been to California (live in), Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, New York.
I'm an American girl, lived in FL most of my life. I've also been to GA, SC, NC, TN, AZ, and alot of driving through the country when I was a small kid.
Outside of the States, I've been to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Argentina, Brazil, France, and Belgium.
Born and bred in Sweden, lived in the US (Alamo, CA), Paris France, Brussels Belgium.

Travelled the US: Hawaii, all over CA, crossed the continent by car, via NV, TX, NM, MS, FL, GA, and more. Been to NYC several times.

Mexico, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxemburg, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, former Yugoslavia (today Slovenia and Croatia), former Soviet Union (today Russia), Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Morocco.
Russia (well, I was born there:biggrin:, so it doesn't really count )
Czech Republic
St. Lucia

And I would LOVE to visit Egypt and Dubai!!!!!!!
i was born and bred in New Zealand! I've only travelled once out of the country to Canada. But at the end of this year, I can add another country, USA (im very excitied) wooo hoooo!
I'm from Hawaii, but I've visited other places in the US:

Nevada, California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and a couple others I can't think of right now.

I've also done some international travel to parts of Europe:

France (Paris), Switzerland (Geneva mostly), and Germany (Frankfurt).

I've lived mostly in Hawaii but also lived shortly in California and took an extended vacation in Florida. Now I'm back home, which I am starting to discover is a good thing :biggrin: