Where in the world has your LV been?

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  1. That's easy for me! Only here in Fairbanks, Alaska!

    What kind of journey has your LV been on? I know most of you have more than one and sometimes take half to your other home on an entirely different continent- yes- I'm jealous but happy for you- but where have you taken LV?

    Pics would be awesome!
  2. and- I'm just creating this thread because I'm packing my bags right now and *argh* am WORRIED about them!!!!!!
  3. Does the place where I bought the LV counts? Cause I bought a few in Singapore (last pic) and in Perth, Australia (2nd pic) with lil brother and Mom and I score really good bargains in Dubai (1st pic with family in Dubai). Sorry all purchase were newly bought and still in the brown bags :yes: Anyway...enjoy the pics
    1dubailv.jpg Office Bapa.jpg bkk2005 170.jpg
  4. ^--- sweet pics!!!!!
  5. Lol only up to LA and Anaheim. Other than that, they're stationary here.
  6. hmmm well i have a few pieces that were purchased in paris. those have been to holland and back home to maui. i've taken certain bags on my trips to japan. hmm where else. they were with me at school in boston. took a short trip to virginia.
  7. Brought my MC mirror to Hong Kong, and the 'now returned' mini looping to Vancouver.
  8. my speedys been around the UK and to Portugal. i was too nervus to take it to NY but when i was there i wish id taken it.
  9. All my LV's have been to Hong Kong and Macau, but then again a few have been purchased there haha...my Damier Naviglio and Bosphore GM were purchased in Hong Kong, while my Wichita was purchased in Macau. I only have a photo of my Naviglio from this past winter break though. It's a photo of me and my friend and we're at Tsim Tsa Tsui looking over to the Island side.

  10. ^--- wow! great picture!!!
  11. Hmmm

    Washington, D.C.
    New York City
    Annapolis, MD
    Manchester, England

    ...that's about it, I think!
  12. My pochette and bucket have been to: Hong Kong, San Fran, Chicago. My mini looping has been to Las Vegas.

  13. Kewl pix :roflmfao:
  14. Me and my Popincourt at the 2nd Largest Mall in the World - the Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines

    Me and my Papillon in front of the Willard Hotel in Washington DC - an hour after I met President George W. Bush :yahoo:
  15. ^---- did Papillon get to meet the President too?! Wow!
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