where in the world can i get tokidoki?

  1. I live in Massachussets. Anyway, I live near Boston and I can't find any tokidoki, in Macy's Nordstrom, ect. Where in the world can I find some tokidoki bags?


  2. I feel your pain! I'm in Colorado and live too far away from Denver to get any Tokidoki, let alone any of those killer deals I hear about. I've been really lucky with ordering from Macy's online...I even got a great placement on my Vacanze Stellina. Good luck, don't give up :tup:.
  3. im the very same way as you! lol i bought a lot of my items online. if you shop around enough, you get good deals. like for taxes and shipping. a lot of sites offer free shipping... or even promotions, like 20% off and what not. if macys or Nordstroms has a coupon available, you can always use that. placements on bags however were a total booo!

    but yeah, dont give up =) i live in upstate ny, an hour from buffalo and buffalo's mall has metropark, which carries bags from time to time AND clothes. so if anything, i stalk websites or just drive out there =)
  4. www.tobi.com has free shipping
    Other online stores --- Lesportsac, Tokidoki, Macys, eBay, Amazon, Metropark, etc but these don't offer free shipping.
  5. ..and you can take 20% off with REP code RT14556. :shrugs: :biggrin:
    Also, I've never tried it, but if you pay with paypal, you can send a message requesting placement you like.
  6. craigslist might help you. I had a successful transaction on there using Paypal of course and making sure I communicated/verify everything with the other person. But just be extra careful of some people.

  7. Isn't Karmaloop based in MA? Boston and Cambridge are both very good shopping cities, I'm sure you will find Tokidoki somewhere.
  8. but i can't find any good discounts
    besides i dont wanna order from online
  9. liumeng1995- the only place you're going to find guaranteed authentic tokidokis for killer deals are at Macy's or Bloomingdales and such stores that carry them (mostly west and east coast) or the LeSportsac outlets, which are no longer getting shipments and I think are all out by now. So the best deals you can get right now is to use the coupons and order online or go to your local Metropark. I've ordered online a couple of times and Tobi and Pulse were both very good. Good luck.