Where In The World Are Coach TPFers?!

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Many of us have each other on their MySpace buddy list and that’s cool to get to know everyone and their likes/dislikes, a bit about their personality. Things we wouldn’t normally see/learn from just each others’ posts here.

    I wanted to make a map for just us Coach TPF users so we can get an idea of where everyone is.
    My main goal after people sign up is to see if it’s possible and if anyone would be interested in having a Coach TPF get together in a centrally located area. Not soon of course, but maybe if we can plan it out, it could work out! And if we don’t arrange something like that, we still have a map out there all to ourselves =)

    Name of the map is: WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE COACH TPFERS?! Lol

    Link is: http://www.buddymapping.com/maps/CoachTPFers

    ALL the information on the “ADD YOURSELF” is optional.

    For example:

    NAME: OPTIONAL. I suggest adding your name then your username is parentheses. Like mine, I put Cathy (PyAri) so everyone would know who I am.

    LOCATION: They have it to where you can put your address, zip code, etc. I wouldn’t recommend that. Most likely just to want to add your City, State. That’s what I did.

    COMMENT: OPTIONAL, but you can use it as a shout out to everyone.

    PICTURE: OPTIONAL, leave it blank, add your own, or add your Avatar here from TPF. Completely up to you.

    TPF USERNAME: OPTIONAL, but please add so we know who you are



    Hope to see everyone there! Here’s the link: http://www.buddymapping.com/maps/CoachTPFers

    PS. I made one of frappers, but it looked to busy, if anyone wants to see.
    DON’T SIGN UP FOR THIS ONE! http://www.frappr.com/coachtpfers sign up for the one listed above!
  2. this is a great idea!!! thanks for thinking of it PyAri!!!:tup::tup::tup:
  3. added!
  4. me too :yes:
  5. great idea cathy i just did it
  6. What a great idea!!!...it's neat how you can click to see who lives where! :tup:It will be interesting to see where we all map out across the country!
  7. Awesome idea! Just added myself, hope to see other Canadian TPFers soon!
  8. good idea!
  9. I added myself!
  10. added!
  11. added!
  12. Awesome idea!!! ADDED:P
  13. cool idea! I added myself!!
  14. What a neat idea.
  15. This is fun! Thanks for getting it started.

    Just added myself alongside my fellow Jersey Girls! :tup: