Where in the US are they actually made?

  1. This may sound like a dumb question, but I must ask...

    Where in the US are LV bags actually made? Is there one workshop somewhere or are there a bunch scattered among the states? I'm wondering who the people are that are making the pieces...Are they trained here or sent from France? I've never heard of anyone taking an LV workshop tour...But I'd love to, if it were possible. I wonder how long it takes to learn how to make the perfect bag, shoe or whatever.

    And I know that might seem silly or weird to many, but I've been really curious about that for a while. Maybe it's the artist in me.:shame: :amuse:
  2. :suspiciou Oompa Loompas must be making the bags...:lol:
  3. I know, right? :lol:
  4. Another thing I was thinking...can you imagine the security checks an LV employee must have to go through? I mean, just knowing how much money one can get for LV bags, I'm sure the employees are constantly being watched by cameras to prevent theft.
  5. me too.. it would be a lot of fun :love:
  6. I know one of their offices is in New Jersey, my mom's company built them. It wasn't a workshop though-it was office space and storage.
  7. SD in the date code represents San Dimas, in California.. probably why we get taxed on eluxury.. and I'm sure there's one in Tennessee too, which is also another reason they get taxed for elux.
  8. I am sure its a big secret. I know when I store my fur they will not tell you the location. Its to much of a security risk. I am sure the SAs dont even know where they are made.

    Would be cool to do a tour!
  9. There is a factory in San Dimas, California, which is what the SD represents on the date code for bags made in the US. I Googled Louis Vuitton and found the address and drove by a few months ago. It is very undercover and looks like every other office building. The name isn't displayed anywhere either.
  10. I'll bet they transport the bags and shoes in those armored trucks.:lol:
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