Where in the heck is Samantha?

  1. Huh? Did she get stuck to her Choo throne, or is she taking a world tour of the Choo boutiques? Samantha, oh where are you??? :shrugs:
  2. Your right!
    Where has she gone?

    I wonder if she's cheating on us on another thread :amazed:
  3. Since searching has been temporarily disabled, I cannot tell. But she is still a member!
  4. Well I hope she's not having an affair with Louis! (lv)
    and I know she wouldn't cheat on us with Marc (MJ)
    We'll have to track her down.
  5. I've wondered that myself since Christmas and I see she hasn't been on since Dec. 22nd. Oh where oh where could she be?:search:

    Maybe she took her Choo throne on the road to tour all the major cities?? ;)
  6. Samantha...where are you? I think if she cheats, it will be with Valentino...:sneaky:
  7. Ah ha!
    You're right!
    I noticed she had a "Historie crush"
  8. Good news - Samantha just PMed me. She will be back to the tPF soon!
  9. Ah, VERY good news! :tup:

    I swear, you're like the all knowing Yoda of the JC forum! :queen:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: