Where in NYC can I see/buy a chloe edith in the gris vert color?

  1. Hi all,

    I love this bag and am interested in purchasing it. I live in NYC but have never been into chloe before...so I have no idea where to go. I would prefer to see the bag in person before buying.

    Any idea where I could go? Saks?
  2. Bergdorfs.. i seen it last night! 58th and 5th ave.

    I think they have it online too... i'm not sure though
  3. oh yay! :smile:) That is conviently right near one of our offices. I might need to pop by that office...and then go on a long break. ;)
  4. haha have fun divina! if they happen to not have it, you can always check Saks & the chloe boutique itself b/c they're all around that area.
  5. I did see one at Neiman Marcus at Westchester...It was gorgeous!
    this was about a week ago.
    Call right away.