Where in New York Is the Balenciaga Store?

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  1. I live near Philly and sometimes go to NY for a shopping trip. Don't flame me, last time I went to Canal Street!:sad2: That's before I knew anything about handbags. I must have been living under a rock!:amazed:

    Anyway, where is the store located? If I take a train into NY, what connections do I take to get to the store from Penn Station? Do they usually have a pretty good stock on hand? I don't want to make that trip out there and come back empty handed.

    Thanks for your help...Jacquee
  2. [​IMG]54 W. 22nd St., between 10th and 11th Aves., New York, NY
    Phone: 212-206-0872
    You can walk from Penn Station which is at 34th and 8th Avenue or take an 8th Avenue line or 7th Avenue line downtown to the 23rd Street stop. Call them and see what they have on hand.
  3. I just talked to them yesterday and they seem to have a lot of the current colors in the medium b-bag. I'm waiting for them to get the Caramel color in before I make a final decison on color.
  4. It's a bit of a walk from Penn Station: I'd say it is almost a mile away.

    The store is kind of off the beaten path. There are a few art galleries on 22nd between 10th and 11th, but other than that, there isn't much around. Not much foot traffic in the area either. If you are unfamiliar with the area, I would recommend taking a cab to the store, especially if you are going after dark.

    If you are walking, I would walk west along 23rd Street until you reach 10th Avenue. Then walk one block south to 22nd Street and west on 10th Avenue. Balenciaga is closer to 11th Ave than it is to 10th.
  5. I guess because I walk 2 miles to where I work and then 2 miles back, a mile to me seems like nothing. I'll walk that to dinner in heels. NYC is a walking town. But, I agree that you might want to use the main streets to get there. 23rd street is well-populated.
  6. The walk is nothing to me as well. But for someone who isn't used to a lot of walking (I have no idea if this pertains to the original poster btw), the walk would be a long one. We New Yorkers are used to it, but out of towners may not be.

    And, if the person's time is limited, they may not want to throw away precious time on a walk that's not particularly scenic when they could just jump in a cab and save a lot of time in the process. Just wanted to add a word of warning.
  7. Thanks for the address and directions. I would probably jump in a cab. I'm getting better at finding my way around by subway but since it's only a mile cad fare shouldn't be too bad.

    Another question, what would be a good first bag color to get. I would like to use it pretty often. I was thinking the city bag. This one is pretty roomy right? I was thinking in the brown family for all year. Thanks again...jacquee
  8. jacquee, I think the city would be a good size for your first b-bag. It's roomy, but it isn't too big. You will be able to fit all of your essentials in it, and then some.

    My favorite Spring 2006 color is ink. I think it can definitely be used year-round. One of the reasons I love the ink is because it is chameleon-like. Depending on the light, it has the ability to morph into a number of various colors. In low light it looks black, in medium light it looks dark blue, and out in the sun it looks like a purplish blue. It is a very unique color.
  9. I just noticed that a digit was cut off in the address I posted above. It should be 542 West 22nd, NOT 54!