Where in New York can I buy Evian eyemake up remover?

  1. I was using my cousin's when I was in Canada and I came back home and I can't find it anywhere! [​IMG] has anyone seen it? or should I ask her to mail me a bottle ?
  2. I never even heard about it. is it from the same folks who make the drinking water?
  3. When I need something hard to find I head to Zitomer on Madison Ave...they usually have everything. I am addicted to L'Avenir Healfast repair and can only get it there. The woman who work the makeup counter are extremely knowledable too.
  4. really? i'm going to call them now haha thank you
  5. www.beautyplatinimum.com :

    they have all the european brands... that's where I buy my LaRochePosay and Oenobliol....
  6. hey im from Canada and they sell the evian eye makeup remover at "Shoppers Drugmart" and they also so have brand LaRochePosay" ^Clara has mentioned, maybe you could drop by acros to border to purchase it? i use that eyemakeup remover too and its surprisingly good : )