Where in Canada can I...

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  1. Hello everyone. I am looking to find a source in Canada that sells:

    Cadillac Boot & Shoe Care Leather Lotion

    8 oz. – SKU # 26801

    Is there one? Nordstroms will ship but it comes out to $31+ a bottle and the Cadillac website will not ship this to Canada.

    Thanks for your help :smile:

  2. If you haven't bought it yet eBay sells it! I was in the same situation and bought it from eBay for $12cad
  3. Oh do you have a sellers name? I can't ever seem to find it. I did order from Nordstroms and it never arrived I finally got a refund
  4. The seller I bought from is no longer listed but if you search for Cadillac boot it comes up as 10.95$
  5. Thanks :smile: