where i can get a Nuage paddy?!

  1. it's no longer available on diabro.net. i contacted net-a-porter for their future availability, and they're going to offer the capsule in nuage, but not the original style. have any of you seen the original in nuage? can you please tell me where you've seen it so i can call them up?

    thank you so much...:crybaby:
  2. BlueGenes,
    I have def seen recently (within the last month). I def recall seing at NM Bev Hills but I'm not sure if it was mini or regular.

    You may also want to try the following as I have been to these stores since then and recall seeing at least one other place as well:

    NM Austin- Domain Shops
    Saks Austin- Arboretum
    NM Las Vegas
    Saks Las Vegas
    Chloe South Coast Plaza

    Good luck. She's a beauty!
  3. i saw the regular at NM Palo Alto last week, i think they had just gotten a new shipment of paddys, there were several!
  4. I saw the nuage paddy at Neiman's in San Francisco last weekend.
  5. Please post pictures if you get it. I just love the whites.
  6. sabinesboutique.com has the medium in nuage, and it's discounted! She's great and if you tell her that you are a member of PF, then you get an additional $25.00 off:smile::tup:
  7. Definitely post pics if you get one!!