Where I can find trusted preloved bag in Europe?


Mar 8, 2019
I’ve just bought a medium classic bag on “Depot vente luxe” (please google it’s a Parisian consignment store), it’s new and so cheap comparing to market price so I’ll have to get it authenticated. They have quite nice bags with regular new arrivals. Otherwise Vestiaire Collective but I’ve heard some not authentic stories here in the forum and they’re not best priced as they take too much commission from the seller (~25%).
I also follow Vintage United, Collector Square, Corner Luxe and Atout Luxe Boutique but haven’t bought from them.
Want to know from others too!
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Feb 26, 2018
Just want to add designerwishbags located in Belgium. I knew her from this forum. Everything I read is positive feedback but I don’t see recent review. I haven’t bought from her but sold mine. I know she authenticated mine with entrupy prior to selling it. IMO her price is a bit on the high side but most item sell fast. I guess she has lots of established client already.

Ally ambrosio

Jul 26, 2019
Margareth from Designer Wish Bags is a trustworthy person I sold many Chanel to hers. Always impeccable. BUT I find her prices to high (like retail and more sometimes) to be a consignment boutique. Also the offers aren’t always good ... I guess she got more popular so she doesn’t have good deals anymore :sad: so sad!
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