Where I can find a quilted moka bay online?

  1. :crybaby: I've been looking for a medium quilted bay in moka? Anyone know where I can find one online??

    I don't locate in US or UK!! Thanks!!!!
  2. Have you tried LVR and Net a Porter
    If not, start there, and aloharag might be able to help. Whereabouts are you and we can help you some more
  3. ^^ Thanks!!! I've emailed LVR, NAP and aloharag to see if they have the moka quilted bay... they all replied me "NO, we don't stock moka quilted bay".

    :sad: GIVE UP!!!!
  4. How about Calling Selfridges stores, and Harvey Nichols, they are usually really helpful. Dont give up Dolly, this bag is waiting for you somewhere, you just need to find it :smile:
  5. Thank you so much, chloe-babe!!!

    Since I'm not locate in UK, I don't think I'll call Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

    I might get another colour instead~
  6. Dolly Girl

    It may be worthwhile calling those UK stores and they may ship out for you, don't give up yet.

    If you change on colour there is white quilted up on eBay at the mo from a really respectable ebayer (and no mods its not me!!!) and it has never been used.
  7. I nearly called every store I can and still...no luck!!! :crybaby:

    :sad: I feel sad~

    Did anyone ever saw it anywhere around the world???
  8. I did see it in my local store here in Edinburgh, they had quite a few as its not very popular here in wet Scotland.
  9. ^:wtf: How come I cannot find it anywhere?