Where I can find 2.55 SHOULDER BAG IN SILVER ( light silver bag. l )

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  2. Thanks milion Smoothoproter :smile:

    I live in Uk _ london I call the boutique in sloan and bond street ,,,, they are sold out ,and will not get new one ,,, as they said to me !!!,,,

    Is it ok to buy one from the usa ? ???????????

    What do u think of the silver bag
  3. Yes u can buy from the states they will charge u shipping and u will also have to pay a couple of hundred pounds in duty when it arrives.. I know for a fact that terminal 3 in heathrow have stock - so if u are travelling u can buy it duty free! Another thing u could do is call Paris and have then check on their computer for stock in europe for the light silver 2.55 reissue.
  4. Thanks a lot Soni:heart:

    I am traveling on Saturday ,,,not sure if the bag will last in terminal 3 until Saturday ... not sure what is my terminal :sad:

    I think i will call channel boutique in Paris / USA or Dubai to send me one ....
    BTW I didn’t ever order from the channel boutique outside London... ,,,
    I only order from Neiman Marcus ,, ( UK- duty charge me 50 pound for every order e + ++ about 17% of my order ,,, !!! :cursing: ) If I order from USA I will ask them to send it to my _KSA Saudi Arabia Address where they don’t charge me :smile:


    Now my other Question where can I take my SILVER chanel Bag ,,,:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
    :shame: :graucho:
    can I go shopping holding my silver ?

  5. call term 3 and they can transfer stock between term 3 and 4 and will hold the bag for u.. Its a lovely bag ... my sister has it and it can be carrried day or night. If u are buying from america they usually only ship to the billing addy. so make sure u pay with the card that also is billed to ur addy in SA

    Also heathrow duty free do hold bags for up to one week before travel... Ive done b4!
  6. Thanks again Soni ... :love:

    (..You relive my hart.:yahoo: .. ,, I want that bag badly .. since sliver is the color of the moment )
  7. no worries - Good Luck - hope u get it!
  8. I saw the silver in Paris and London on Sloane street a week and a half ago. The flagship store on 31 Cambon street in Paris has a wall lined with the metallic 2.55. You might have a better chance of getting it there.
  9. May I please have the number of the Chanel heathrow boutique?
    Do they ship also?
  10. Hi - im not sure if they ship ... but the number is 00442087541000
  11. thank you :smile: