Where/How do you use the drilldown?

  1. Ok - I am relatively new to the forum (just a few months) and I've seen threads on the drilldown. My question is, how do you find the drilldown and how do you use it?

  2. Go to the Coach Reference Library^^^above and click on Coach FAQ. The info is in there!! Have fun!
  3. This is a drilldown URL:

    What you need is the bags MODEL number.. and in the URL where it says.. 7815 is where you insert the MODEL number that you want to look up. The drilldown is just a url thats hidden inside coach's website and you just bring up modelnumber pictures..
    Sometimes you'll run across a model number picture that doesn't come up but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.. it's just not on the coachs website anymore. :smile:

    Hope that helped!
  4. Thanks girls!!!! My house is never going to get cleaned this afternoon......