Where have YOU taken your H bags? Posh took her Kelly to the Spearmint Rhino!!

  1. I read on Perez this morning about how Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) went to the Spearmint Rhino with her hubby David in Las Vegas after the Spice Girls concert... but it wasn't until I was taking a brief afternoon break from work that I saw this picture -- revealing she walked into the club with a KELLY!
    See http://x17online.com/celebrities/david_beckham/david_and_victoria_spice_things_up-12122007.php

    So what's the most scandalous place YOU ladies and gents have taken your H bags?? (Maybe we'll have to set up a Twiggers-style Secret account!)
  2. Must I google to see what the heck a spearmint rhino is? (Kidding, I assume it's a club).
    I don't think mere mortals would or should necessarily be brave enough to take a Kelly into a club, but I suspect that the two of them would be in a roped-off VIP area with plenty of extra seats for Ms. Black Box, as well as a clean floor and no drunken louts splashing drinks about.

    Oh, but in answer to the question, I think lots of Birkins around here have visited the Pink Pussycat :lol: Is that scandalous enough?
  3. Spearmint Rhino is a club...of sorts :roflmfao:
  4. :wtf:

    ****** googling*******
  5. Oh. I see.


    god knows what got on that poor bag, in that case.
  6. Exactly :s:yucky:
  7. i cant state cause DH also lurks in TPF:push:

    **Hi Babe!**
    I've been good!
  8. I don't know if we can sure if Victoria took her Kelly or not because the photo that X17 posted is from earlier this year. That picture is from David and Victoria first arrive in America, Victoria is a brunette once again. Hope that helps and hope I didn't come off rude or anything.
  9. My pouchette went to a british pub to watch the mayweather/hatten fight. She left unscathed.
  10. My DH would have loved to be there.^^
  11. The FIRST TIME, I took my HAC36cm Graphite Out is Black Friday...for those of you who are not in the US..its the friday after Thanksgiving Day..which is the start of a MAJOR shopping season every Holiday thru Christmas. Everything was on SALE.

    SO...My VERY FIRST stop, the FIRST time Mr.Graphite went out into the world..was in FRY'S ELECTRONICS in Burbank, California. Total Testosterone City...I was looking for a extra Harddrive for my laptop and a Videocam. For those people who do not know what FRY'S Electronics is..it's a WAL-MART, TARGET of all Electronics known to man! 99% of the people that shops there are MEN!

    It was funny...Here's a Guy, walking into the runsacked Video section toting a Hermes HAC36cm! I'm sure NO ONE in the entire store would know what bag, brand or recognise my HAC36cm!.....well, after that...I hit the regular Boutiques in Beverly Hills with a pit stop at my local Hermes!
  12. If I had a H bag, it would have been to the Mustang Ranch. But I don't. Does my coach swing pack count? :lol:

    ..oh and dh didn't go but got a tee-shirt!
  13. There is a Spearmint Rhino here in Palm Beach County. Brighton Bleu Karo has been there :nuts: And 35cm Vert Olive has been to Tootsie's in Miami. LOL just call me Strip Clubs R' Us :lol:
  14. Why on earth not, take your H were you go, they are for living:tup:
  15. OMG LMAO I totally misread Nola's post and I'm dying here...I thought it said why not take your H where you go to make a living! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: