Where have you been all my life? Gustto Torlia in Blue!

  1. Oh, my...I simply love the style and color of this Gustto Torlia bag. It is in a wonderful shade of denim blue that I have seldom seen. Unfortunately, there is no info available just yet as it appears to have been very recently put on Active Endeavors. It is also pictured in white and it looks quite large in those pics. Gals, what do think of this beauty?
  2. Well, there appears to be one on Revolve in Taupe and there are measurements listed: 16" wide, 14" high and 5" deep...strap drop 12". Sounds pretty close to perfect to me...price $625.00 is holding me back alittle. Probably could use the coupon code for new customers to Revolve and a coupon code to Active Endeavors to help out a bit. It's a beauty in Taupe, too.
  3. That teal color is gorgeous. It really makes the bag stand out, and I believe it could go with anything! Wouldn't a coupon be wonderful?
  4. I hadn't seen that style or color, I love it!
  5. Here is the same bag in Green at BG, I too lust for this.
    gustto torlia in green.jpg
  6. Oooh I love it in the blue- and the green is gorgeous!
  7. ^^ How funny.. I had posted on someone else's thread about the exact green Torlia bag! I love it! I had no idea it's on Revolve and AE as well.
  8. better in that green color!
  9. The green sure is nice, too. However, I already have a green bag..a Kooba Sienna in Moss. I'm not a green kinda gal so probably one green bag will be it for me....maybe.
  10. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Lovely color!
  12. I like it too!
  13. Stop the madness! I will not be tempted! It's gorgeous in all of the colors.:yes:
  14. I am only mad that I cannot afford all the colors. *s
  15. Gorgeous bag!i like!